Purple pansies grown in local flower nursery in Kitchener.


Pansies & Our Early Season Cool Crop!


We open for the season in mid-March, weather depending, with a colourful, pansy crop.


We grow a wide variety of bowls, baskets and mixed pansy planters along with plenty of other cooler temperature tolerant flowers.


Don’t forget about Easter! Bring the beauty of spring inside your home with our selection of lilies, hydrangeas, mixed spring bulbs and more!


Spring has Sprung!


As the temperatures warm up, get ready for gardening! You can find a wide variety of annuals, perennials, vegetable seedlings, baskets, mixed planters and so much more.


Visit us in May and early June for the best selection of flowers grown right in our flower greenhouse!


Open until late June.



Potted plants, hanging baskets, pink flowers, in a flower nursery greenhouse.

Yellow fall mums in a mum basket in a flower nursery.


Leaves are Falling, Autumn Mums are Calling!


The fall season begins in early September.


Decorate your outdoor living space with a  variety of fall garden mums, baskets, mixed planters, grasses and fall décor.


Open early September to early October.



‘Tis the Season for Poinsettias!


Last, but not least is Christmas!


We are filled to capacity with many sizes and colours of poinsettias. Visit us in November to see a poinsettia wonderland!


We carry a wide selection of novelty gift ideas, outdoor greenery planters, cyclamen, cactus and so much more to make your home holiday ready!


Open early November until Christmas.



Red poinsettias and white poinsettias for Christmas in a flower nursery.

Flower Fundraising Available


Pansy and poinsettia fundraising are a wonderful way to raise funds for your group or cause. With a few easy steps you can be setup and ready to go.


Start My Poinsettia Fundraiser Start My Pansy Fundraiser